Infringing Notice

The infringing products, remove  from its site and not allowed for the site .After the product up loading by  the seller and listing it is checked and  it required approval by It is for the be half of seller  and owner interest and trust. gone with thirt party property right and  and support the third party support protection oa all  intellectual property  including  Copy right s and Trade mark. IP,. Any unwanted ip we notice and respoce to clear it. If we get any infringing IP notice our responce to such notices will include removing to material claimed to be the subject of infringing activity.For Details Plese see Terms of service used.

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If you have a good faith belief that IP right has been if fringed by any of our seller , you may follow the below process. We require that the intellectual property right owner or authorized agent provide the following details and  email to   The Email should contain the below informations.

  •  Description of  copy righted work has been infringed
  • Clear  identification of  where the material that claimed is infringing is located on

Product ID , wesite link  etc .

  • Your  adderss, telephone number, email id.
  • Brand name
  • Detail of the intellectual  property  being  infrined
  • Stetement by you that have good faith belief that the use ofthe material complained of this authorized  by the copy right  or intellectual  property owner . its agent or law.
  • A statement  noticed  is accurate   and that yo copyright/intellectual  property owner  or authorized to act on the copyright or intellectual  property  owners Behalf.




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